The CyberVision PPC Graphics Card represents a new Generation of Graphics boards for Cyberstorm Mk III- and Cyberstorm PPC accelerated Amiga systems. By use of the fast and modern display processor PERMEDIA 2 and the direct connection to the Cyberstorm Mk III/PPC, the CyberVision PPC provides an outstanding performance in all display operations and allows fast and efficient work with todays most demanding applications and at high resolutions. Performance and functionality of the BVision PPC define a new standard in its class:

Outstanding 3D performance: The integrated 3D accelerator with a rendering performance of up to 80 millionen textured 3D pixels per second allows for a high-quality visualization of 3D objects and scenes at breathtaking speed, in professional 3D applications as well as in 3D games or infotaiment software.

Resolutions for professional demands: Because of its fast video-DAC with a bandwidth of 230 Mhz the BVision PPC can display resolutions of up to 1152x900 pixels at 24 bit and with 75 Hz vertical refresh rate, or 1600x1200 pixel at 16 bit with 72 Hz vertical refresh rate.

Ready for virtual reality in 3D: The connector for the latest generation of 3D LCD shutter glasses allows for perfect virtual reality experiences and fascinating gameplay. Experience a so far unknown dimension of 3D visualization! Full connectivity: The Cyberstorm PPC provides an 15pole VGA standard connector and an 3pole Mini-DIN connector for use with an optional LCD-3D-Shutterglasses system. (VESA standard)

  • Graphicprocessor Permedia 2 from 3Dlabs with integrated 3D Geometry Setup Engine
  • upto 80 Mio. 3D-Pixel/Sec or 1 Mio. Polygone/Sec
  • 8 MByte SGRAM Video RAM
  • max. Resolution: 1152 x 900 in 24Bit at 75 Hz; 1600 x 1200 in 16Bit at 72 Hz
  • integrated Video acceleration
  • supported by AmigaOS, MorphOS und Linux
  • Made in Germany, 2 years manufacturer warranty


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