The ELF Linker Format

Related to the discussion about the ELF format, that was choosen as the main executable format for PowerUP, there is simply to say, that it is completely insignificient to the user, which linker format is used for software development. The statement, this would lead away from the Amiga is incorrect, which is proofed by the implementation of the GNU C system and additional compilers like SAS-C.

Correct is, that by using that new format development has to use different and new paths. But it is not correct, that basic features of the Amiga are dropped by the use of ELF as main linker format. Especially shared libraries, which are possible despite of the use of the ELF format, are possible under the PowerUP system software. In addition, the PowerUP System Software is also prepared to use Mixed Binaries. Therefore there is no need to either generate Mixed or Fat Binaries nor is there a need to reload ELF executables; it is simply up to the developer to choose one of these implementations by the way his programs are structured.

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