Amiga conformity and future compatibility

The complete development of PowerUP system software is focused on conformity to the existing Amiga system software. Our solution made it possible to integrate a new processor transparently and fully compatible into the existing operating system environment while realizing new concepts and open new ways for the future.

As documented in the articles about guidelines for implementation of PowerUP applications, multiprocessing capabilities and the hardware independency resulting from our solution, PowerUP does not only offer extended performance, it also offers various basics for future hardware and software developments. By keeping the PowerUP system software as open as possible while preserving compatibility to major industrial standards we keep doors open for developers to participate on an innovative future for the Amiga. We are convinced that the Amiga should be open to cross platform standards without loosing the positive and unique features of the Amiga and the Amiga operating system.

phase 5 like to give all developers, who work on new software generations for the currently introduced new processor, the possibility and security to easy switch to next generation machines independend from the - yet not determined - plans and decisions of the system vendor Amiga International. There is still no security, that those will fulfill the expectations of the Amiga community, even if we and all other people dedicated to the Amiga hope so. By keeping this in mind, we think it makes sense to provide also alternatives with our concept for developers and users to gain and offer long term perspectives.

With our solution, however, also a major improvement and evolution of the Amiga operating system is supported, because by using the structured design that we recommend to use, the new generation software with a modular design can easyly be adapted to any modifications of the operating system. This offers the developers of the Amiga operating system much more flexibility for implementation of new features. This implies that software development under PowerUP makes major modifications of the operating system possible and is open to conceptual design changes. In addition we are open to share the technology and software designs with Amiga International in a cooperation.

In summary, there are simply no valid arguments for the resistance against the introduction of open standards, structured programming and an application software design which is as much independent as possible from the current operating system version to be prepared for future development of the operating system. The strict devotion to existing structures and the approach to develop a new generation of software for a new processor while fully preserving the actual operating system is contrary to a concept open for the future.

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