Tuning for BVision and CyberVision PPC

Often you get the question if you can overclock a BVisionPPC (or CyberVisionPPC). It is possible to overclock BVisionPPC and also CyberVisionPPC even without changing something on the hardware. This trick can easily be done through the software but works only with CyberGraphX 4 in Version CGX4 pre7 or greater. So check your local version and update if needed.

This trick is really easy and needs no programming skills. There will only 2 options added to the Tooltypes in the Monitors at DEVS:Monitors/.

The first Tooltype is "IINSTALLEDAFANONMYPERMEDIA2" but with the difference that this must be written reverse: "2AIDEMREPYMNONAFADELLATSNII"

The second part activates the major part. With "MELTDOWN=xx" you can set the speed of the memory in MHz. Just replase "xx" with a number between 80 and 100 where 80 is the default setting.

Important! Please add an active cooler on the Permedia2 because it will get really hot and the hardware can be damaged. Use at your own risk!

Some words about the performance boost. With the Warp3D Demo "engine" I could get up to 14 FPS more on a CyberVisionPPC with the option "MELTDOWN=90".

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