BlizzardPPC Identify

Blizzard PPC cards which were produced by Phase5 can be identified by its serial number. This could be helpfull if you want to know whether the card is upgraded or overclocked.

X = SCSI Index

H = without SCSI
I = with SCSI

Y = PowerPC 603e Index

A = PowerPC603e / 160 MHz
C = PowerPC603e / 200 MHz
D = PowerPC603e / 240 MHz

Z = 68k-Companion CPU Index

A = 68LC040-25 [without FPU]
B = 68040-25 [with FPU]
H = 68060-50 [with FPU]

If the original sticker by Phase5 is no longer attached you can get the serial number with Scout or WhichAmiga. You will find these Tools at Aminet.
The clocking of the PowerPC may vary. The PowerPC603e / 160 MHz is clocked at 166 MHz or 175 MHz by default from Phase5.

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