F.A.Q. Hardware

How can I access the bootmenu of the CyberStorm PPC or Blizzard 603e?
Hit and hold ESC-key after reboot or power-on to enter the Bootmenu of the Board.

Can I deactivate the CyberStorm PPC or Blizzard 603e?
Hit and hold the S- or 2-key after reboot or power-on to deactivate the Board temporary.

Are there are any differences between the CyberStorm PPC from Phase5 and DCE?
The only main difference is in the used FlashROM-Memory. Phase5 used a 128kb module while DCE uses 512kb modules.

How can I increase the voltage which BPPC card is getting trought the A1200 motherboard?
Just connect spare floppy connector from your PSU to the motherboard floppy connector on your A1200 MB. This is needed because looses in A1200 MB (which is not built for this kind of load) lowers voltage under 4.75V in some cases. Low voltage can result in random crashes when using PPC programs or unreliable memory (also random crashes) at higher speeds (like 60ns). Also try to power all units directly from PSU where possible (avoid MB).

My serial port doesn't work or work with many errors?
This is because of low voltage on motherboard. Do the floppy trick described above.

I am often getting "Line 1111 emulator error" when running PPC programs. What's that?
You have a PPC board with 68LC040 CPU which don't have FPU (its disabled). Some older PPC programs require 68k FPU even if not using it. This is because respectable authors converted their 040/060 sources directly to PPC. Some PPC programs really need 68k FPU, some don't, but this problem is less frequent today.

I am getting random crashes when running PPC applications?
The most probable cause for that is overheated PPC card or too low voltage (see the floppy trick above). You MUST improve the cooling of PPC and 68k CPU's on your phase5 PPC card. Do that with active fans and heatsinks directly on most heated places (CPU's) on card.

I am getting corrupted display on my BVision/CVision screen?
The problem is obvious :-) A)low voltage B)overheating. Also there is a small square chip located under the PPC black heatsink (just below the word "cooler!" in the sentence "Warning: Don't operate without cooler!" printed on the top of heatsink on your BPPC card. This chip must be cooled down somehow (interconnect it with heat conducting material to heatsink of PPC). Also cool the the BVision/CVision card. This card is very small and Permedia2 is a very hot chip!

Can I use EDO memory on my phase5 PPC card and in which order?
Yes you can. Memory must be in pair (the pair of two equal sized simms/edo) on CyberStormPPC cards because of 64-bit memory bus, BlizzardPPC card can take any combination in his two slots because bus is only 32-bit.

What is the speed (MHz) of logic chips on phase5 PPC boards?
It's 83 MHz.

What is the most problematic A1200 motherboard in combination with BPPC cards?
1D4, but others are not proven to be OK 100%.

I am getting a "green color efects" on my BVision screen?
Your BVisionPPC card is too hot. Try to cool it down with heatsink on Permedia2 chip and a fan in the front of card.

Can I put 64 and 128 MB SIMM or EDO memory in my CyberStormPPC card?
No, the biggest one you can put is 32 MB.

What is the maximum size of SIMM or EDO memory for BlizzardPPC boards?
Blizzard PPC boards can accept up to 256 MB (2 x 128 MB).

OK, I have to put simms/EDO memory in pairs in CyberstormPPC but what about access speed?
SIMM or EDO memory doesn't have to be equal speed as long as memory is adjusted at the speed of the slowest SIMM or EDO. That means that if you have one SIMM of 70 ns and one of 60 ns, you have to set memory speed at 70ns.

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