Registration PowerUP Products

Currently we have 702 PowerUP cards* succesfully registered.

Blizzard 603e(+)286 cards
- thereof broken20 cards
CyberStorm PPC220 cards
- thereof broken28 cards
BVision PPC126 cards
- thereof broken2 cards
CyberVision PPC66 cards
- thereof broken3 cards
PowerUP Developer Board4 cards
- thereof broken0 cards

From the serial numbers we got we can estimate the following production volumes:

Blizzard 603e(+)4008 cards
- made by phase 53567 cards
- made by DCE441 cards
CyberStorm PPC2889 cards
- made by phase 52478 cards
- made by DCE411 cards
BVision PPC2236 cards
- made by phase 51643 cards
- made by DCE593 cards
CyberVision PPC1457 cards
- made by phase 51145 cards
- made by DCE312 cards
PowerUP Developer Board19 cards

*State: 21.04.2010

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