About phase 5 Elektronikfertigungs GmbH

phase5 buildingIn 1996, the phase 5 Elektronikfertigung GmbH was founded as an independent subsidary of phase 5 digital products, and was also 100% privately held by it's founders Gerald W. Carda and Wolf Dietrich. This company provided electronics manufacturing services in it's modern facilities at the same location as the phase 5 digital products headquarters. Using a fully automized SMT manufacturing line, phase 5 Elektronikfertigung GmbH provided the following services:

  • High quality SMT production including fine-pitch and BGA assembly, with an assembly capacity of up to 80,000 SMD components per day
  • Highest accuracy SMD placement with a 40 micrometer accuracy SMT assembly machine with laser and vision controlled component positioning systems, integrated into a fully automatic production line
  • High quality solder pasting via a fully automatic and vision-controlled in-line solder paste system
  • Environmental-friendly vapor-phase reflow soldering system for perfect SMT soldering of modern package types such as BGA and fine-pitch
  • High quality conventional through-hole soldering with a computer-controlled dual-wave soldering line
  • Inspection and testing, visual control
  • Production-related mechanical services
  • Fast and flexible just-in-time production

phase5 buildingThe phase 5 Elektronikfertigung GmbH was doing all assembly of the products of phase 5 digital products, as well as assembly service for other companies, with a just-in-time service that is competitive in the world market and - respecting the responsibility of the industry for environmentally friendly activities - under high consideration of todays's ecological aspects.

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